Oh UBC...
Oh UBC...
a completely serious attempt at cataloguing everyday ridiculousness of the University of British Columbia

Hot and heavy at Koerner Library

so hawt


    The Irving K. Refugee Camp

    the smell of damp, displaced and distressed undergrads is the first thing you notice, with students sprawled out and camped in every flat surface of the building. The Irving K. Refugee Camp is in full swing. Oh UBC…



      Do you suffer from stress?  Do you have unwanted anxiety?  Are you consuming more then 3 double espressos a day and finding that you black out entire classes, and whole afternoons?  Do you sometimes end up somewhere and wonder how you got there (where is my class again?)?  Are you that person on the bus talking to yourself and scribbling madly?  If you answered yes to three or more of the questions, then congratulations, you are privleged enough to be a student at UBC.      


        hold hands

        the bus loop has a cross guard…. careful kids, and make sure you look both ways before you cross the street. oh ubccc 


          nuf said

          UBC has a quidditch team. 


            It could happen to you.

            So you’re at the pit on a Tuesday night (which we all know means you couldn’t wait until Wednesday to get your ‘frisk’ on) and you’re chatting with a very cute gal.  It’s going pretty well (thanks to your friend don tequilla), and just when you’re thinking of making the kill, you notice her hands are completely stained by highlighter and pen marks and then realize the kind of slut you’re dealing with… a book slut.  the worse kind of slut there ever was.   


              a little bit of Movember solidarity on main mall

thanks @CrystalShieh for this one!

              a little bit of Movember solidarity on main mall

              thanks @CrystalShieh for this one!


                "Lemche is a great drinker - I mean teacher - well, sometimes they’re perfect substitutes"
                -Prof. Newman

                  Buchanan Maze

                  I’ve been here five years and I still can’t find my way around Buchanan


                    quite possibly the best pin ever made

                    quite possibly the best pin ever made

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